Monthly Archives: May 2012

‘But’ Check….


A stealer of power, delayer of dreams.


 Prevents promises, deflates hopes.


Causes you to wonder, tempts you to doubt.




You do it to yourself.


“I know God says I can trust Him, but…..”


 “I know I should tithe, but…”


 “He wants to be first place in all my decisions, but…”


 “The Bible says to forgive, but…..”


 Any time you add the word “but” to a statement, you negate the statement in your life.


Every time.


Doesn’t matter what you add after the ‘but’; it only betrays your supposed declaration of faith.


Rationalize,  compromise, make excuses.  


It all takes away the power of the statement of Truth.


Ever look at disappointment and disarray and wonder why God isn’t doing something about it?


If you do a “but” check, you’ll find a lot of the time, you told Him not to.


Take this week. 


Do a “but” check.


See where you’ve told God not to go to work.


Switch the ‘but’ to an ‘and’….


I know God says I can trust Him…..and I will.”


And…see what a difference it will make in your world.