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That Day is Today



Time to stop waiting, watching for “someday”.


Wake up, recognize what is right outside your door.


“In the last days there will be perilous times….” 



Literal translation: harsh, fierce, savage, difficult, dangerous, grievous, hard to deal with.

Description: a society that is barren of virtue, but abounding with vices.


Beginning to stir?


Paul’s second letter to Timothy is also written to us.




Pick any translation, read the first five verses of chapter 3.

Lovers of themselves. Lovers of money. Boastful. Proud. Abusive. Disobedient, disrespectful to parents. Ungrateful. Unholy. Unforgiving. Slanderous. Without self-control. Despisers of good. Rash. Conceited. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.


Awake now?


Even a casual student of the Word knew this day was coming.
”I can’t believe people would act like this…” is a phrase from one not versed in the verses, not feeding on the Bread of Life.


Of course they will, of course they do. He told us ahead of time.


Any life not surrendered to the God of the Word is capable of accomplishing all manner of evil.  The Word said they would.


And they are.


But that’s not the greater problem.


Keep reading the rest of the chapter.


“But as for you, .continue in what you have learned…..”


Continue in the Word…. Continue depending on, relying on, living every moment trusting in the powerful Scriptures you have been given.


Live like you believe that the Word is living, active, powerful, beneficial.


Keep encouraging, exhorting, challenging, disciplining, teaching, exposing error, revealing God through the Word.


Thoroughly equipped for what God has for us can only happen when we are completely committed to Him, and to His Word.


It is not a problem that the God-diluting, Word-distorting world is acting like the world.

It is supposed to.


The problem is with those who claim to belong to Christ who do not truly trust Him.


Those who pledge allegiance to the Word, yet do not depend on it nor speak it into situations in life.


Those who try to answer questions, solve issues with the ‘wisdom of the world’ instead of first consulting the One Who created the world.


No God worth following allows for a divided heart.


 The weakest adversary carries a ‘salad bar’ spiritual mentality.


If you are a true, Biblical Christ follower, those who distort Scriptures to allow for an ‘anything goes’ type of spirituality are your weakest adversary, your least powerful threat.


If you have allowed the enemy to dilute your standing on the Word, your dedication to His Voice through the Scriptures, have ignored/reduced/set aside your commitment to every passage that is God-breathed, you have become irrelevant in the battle for truth.


It is not ‘someday’, it is now.

The time to prepare was yesterday.

The day to read, study, rely on, and speak the Word is today.

Today, into eternity.

Sharpen your Sword, the Lord has need of you….