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Let Your Heart Be Broken

To my friends in the faith who feel compelled to speak what you believe is God’s design for marriage and relationships, a simple request.

Let your heart be broken, or let your tongue be silent.

Jesus drew near to Jerusalem, recognized its sin-filled lost state, and wept over it. ( Luke 19:41)  His compassion for each man and woman trapped within what He knew was deception broke His heart, to the point of tears. The phrase used is the same as in John 11:35 when He wept over Lazarus’ death.

The depth of sorrow Jesus felt for those trapped in sin was parallel to the pain experienced when one of His best earthly friends passed away.

We are only qualified to speak and to bring holy correction after our hearts have been deeply broken at the depth of the tragedy of sin. First our own, then to free our brothers.

If you cannot cry over the tragedy of hell that you say you believe awaits all who blatantly deny the holiness of God, you have no right to represent Him in speaking what you believe to be His message to them.

When asked, speak what you believe to be Truth.

But please, for their salvation and for the cause of Christ, lay aside any pride-filled self righteous anger, judgment, or criticism. Those sins stink just as badly in the heavens as any other.

Let your heart be broken, or let your tongue be silent.

When you feel you are being attacked for your belief, accused for your faith, follow His example again. “..when He was reviled, did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten but committed Himself to Him Who judges righteously..”  I Peter 2:23.

The One we say we follow never returned insult for insult, but went about His work doing what the Father called Him to do. When asked specific questions about what was true and right, He answered with God’s perfect Word.

Stand with those who take a stand for truth; come alongside those who are being pressured to compromise.

But do so without picking up and throwing back the arrows of accusation.

Let your heart be broken, or let your tongue be silent.

Many of the people on ‘the other side’ of this issue are searching, grappling, striving to discover just what is truth in this messed up world.

Many of them have spent more time than most church-goers reading Scripture to discern just what God really intends as acceptable relationships in this flawed world.

Granted, some have no regard for God, His Word, His ways.  You’re best off simply stating what you believe once, then walking on with what He has called you to do.

Some, however, honestly believe they are on the right path. Some are very close friends to you, and to me.

If we accuse, condemn, argue, judge……where will they turn if their hearts are challenged by the Spirit of God to reconsider their choice?

You don’t have to compromise your belief to be compassionate.

The One you say you follow allowed the depth of His love to take Him to the pain of the Cross to redeem all of us from our sin.

My sin.

Your sin.

What you believe your neighbor is doing.

His heart was, and is, broken deeply by sin.

Is yours?

Let your heart be broken, or let your tongue be silent.