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Allowing individuals to determine their own sense of morality without any moral absolutes is like allowing individual drivers to decide when they want to stop at intersections without a clear system of lights and signs. Chaos and death are sure to follow. ~ Hope Scribe

When Everyone Else Walks Away

It’s the ¬†loneliest time of the year, most years.

Seems the whole world has taken a shower in glitter, practiced their pretending.

Songs. Lights. Sales. Parties. Crowds.

Fake smiles, staged pictures.

Plastic families that only come out for the holiday, stepping back into the shadows the rest of the year.

I wander through the middle of it all barely hearing the words, blinded by the lights,  scowling at the pretense.

Peace on earth, good will toward men, help your neighbor because its the right thing to do….today.

Forget about the hurt once the calendar pages turn.

Someday someone will figure out that my heartache doesn’t follow their calendar.

My homelessness isn’t cured by your one-time blanket toss.

Our stomachs groaning from hunger aren’t silenced by your robed choir singing in perfect harmony.

Soon you’ll walk away, just like everyone else.

Everyone, that is, except the One this whole crazy world is supposed to be focused on.

When I tried to run from the noise, He followed me.

Hiding from the fake people, He got real…..and came close to me.

When I cried from the depths of a hurt no one else could understand, He gently dried my tears.

And cried a few of His own, with me.

The ones I thought would be with me forever scowled and walked away, casting judgement on my mistakes.

The One who knows not only my wrong actions, but all my thoughts as well, sat down in the middle of my mess with me.

And held me.

And told me He would never leave, never abandon, never betray.

I stumble, He picks me up.

I steal, lie, cheat, smoke, drink, cry….and cry some more trying to find my own way.

And when I give up, He steps in to show me a better way.

His way.

The right way.

When everyone else walked away, He walked in.

He’s never left my side.

He is the true Gift for broken hearts like mine.

And that is worth throwing a party about.