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Lessons from Noah

Nothing to do with building a boat, preparing for rain.
Not about learning to live with dozens of pairs of roommates for weeks who are truly…animals.
Involves an incredible heritiage of faith, an encouragement for us to ‘build’ the same.
Imagine for a moment the young lad of Noah, in his early teens. Stories were told of a man who walked so closely with God that one day he just disappeared, stepping immediately onto Heaven’s eternal streets. His name was Enoch. Noah says “yeah, he was my great grandfather”.   Then the lad tells about his grandfather Methuselah, who was the oldest man ever to live on the earth.
As an adult Noah ‘found grace in the eyes of The Lord’ at a time when the entire known population on earth was grieving the heart of God. Amid such depravity it is said that Noah walked with The Lord. The same description given of his great grandfather Enoch.
Didn’t matter what the rest of the world was doing, Noah was following the Godly heritage passed down to him and choosing to spend his days listening to God and obeying what he heard.
And life got messy.
Ever said “everyone’s against me?”.  Typically we are exaggerating greatly when that phrase is used.
For Noah, it was reality. Only his immediate family was “with him”; the rest of the world thought he was literally crazy for more than a century. He was ridiculed often, harrassed continually…..until the rain started to fall.
What sent him apart and saved him & his family in the middle of moral collapse is what can set us apart and save us, also.
He remembered his God-honoring heritage. Didn’t matter where public opinion went, he choose consistently to look to the Creator of the Universe for guidance for everything. Everyday.
He walked closely and consistently with his God  –  not random ‘arrow prayers’ or short-term devotional helps. The core of his being was committed to the relationship with his Father, and passing that on to his family.
“Noah, you’re a lunatic!”
Hammer another nail.
“Noah, can’t you see nobody does it that way any more?”
Add another board.
“This God stuff of yours is old fashioned, out of date, too restrictive.”
Measure out another stall for an animal.
When the Voice within us is given priority and permission to speak freely, the volume of voices outside will not matter.  Ever.
If the Spirit within has been neglected or silenced, unstable voices of the world will lead us astray.
Every time.
Lesson one:  Be a person who chooses to walk with, listen to, and obey God above all others. Pass that on to those around you.
Lesson two: Stay close to your spiritual fathers and mothers. They might be in your immediate family, they might not. Those lunatics who choose to walk with God even though the rest of the world says its crazy are the very ones who will quietly, yet firmly lead you to God’s side in the middle of this world’s chaos.
Lesson three, just for fun: realize that some of the ones who God rescues are similar lunatics, animals even, and you just might have a temporary room next to them.  Hang in there,  your ‘landing spot’ will be more than spacious enough for all of us.
~ Hope Scribe