Monthly Archives: June 2013

Free Indeed

Bondage. Darkness. Abuse. Addiction.

Pride, prejudice, personal preference.

Chains of our own making, chains others entrap us in.


Desperate desire to be free.

Seeing others walk, run, fly free.

Want what they have, long for what they can do.

Get me there!


Straining, trying, striving, exhausted.



Stop trying to run with chains on your ankles.

Stop trying to fly with shackles on your wrists.


So often we want to be free “to do” something, without recognize we must first be set free “from” something.

And being set free ‘from’, usually takes time.


The most free people you know are the ones who were willing to sit still long enough for the shackles to be removed.

Willing to curl up and cry long enough for the chains to be softened through their brokenness.

Determined enough to be passionately patient for the Spiritual Surgeon’s scalpel to remove anything that is not of Him.


The weariest ones are those who see their bondage, yet refuse to wait for the process of full deliverance before trying to ‘act free’.


Feeling weary trying to be set free?


Be still.

Admit that He is God, and you are not.

Let Him take the time to patiently remove the chains, restore your soul, and renew your energy.

When you try to set yourself free, you become enslaved to a worse bondage: your own performance-driven pride.

When you allow Him to set you free, you will be free indeed.




The Measure of our Strength

Our strength to navigate this day is directly parallel to how much of ourselves we trust to God.

Give Him 50%, and half of your journey is subject to failure.

When we deliberately choose to make Him Lord over all  –  thoughts, words, actions, possessions, relationships, everything that is “us”  –  then He promises to be with us 100% of the time.

His grace and favor provide us significant blessing along the path, and an unshakeable awareness that when all is said and done, we win.