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Holy Coincidings


Holy Coincidings.


Things that happen around us that “coincide” with each other in such a way as to make us, and those around us, take notice.

Coincide:  correspond exactly, to concur, to occupy the same ‘space’ or point….to distinctly, deliberately ‘go together’.

Totally different than the word a lot of people use: coincidence.

Things ‘just happened’ to flow together.

Defined as ‘a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time, apparently by mere chance.’


The truly committed Christ follower believes God is in complete control of everything, all the time.

Every moment of every day is orchestrated by His sovereignty to accomplish His will in us, then through us.

It also means we know there is an enemy who is pretty consistent also, with the intent of somehow taking us away from our focus and away from our faith.

If we truly are who we say we are, believe what we say we believe, then every moment of every day is filled with both God’s plan to grow us up, and satan’s attempts to tear us down.

No random coincidence.

Holy coincidings.

Our job is to discern the author behind what we see.

Someone who is able to let their life be nothing more than random coincidences, isn’t fully surrendered to Him.

Be watching for your Holy Coincidings today.

Celebrate the ones He brings, and walk away from ones your enemy has created.

Dangerous Request


Pretty sure the author doesn’t have a death wish.


Quite certain the musicians, singers, producers have no real intention of  stepping into Jesus’ presence today.


Yet their request seems highly dangerous.


Maybe they don’t understand what they are asking.


Boldly, in the spotlights, on stage they appear to be prayerfully asking for something.


Something that can, and should, kill them.


The request? ‘Show us your glory’.  Followed by ‘show us your power’.


I’m thinking that if He did, they  –  and we, in the congregation or audience, would be destroyed.


Because, quite frankly, that much holiness would totally annihilate our frail, fallen, human selves.


Dare we even speak of His glory, His power, with anything less than complete humble submission to Him?  Can it be honoring to Him to have our man-made lighting “just right”, the highest level of technical toys fine tuned together? Clothing perfectly coordinated with the background blended with the color of the carpeting, all enhanced by season-appropriate garnishings?


One who walked closely with God made the same request, and was told “no one may see me and live.’  The Holy One tucked the human into a rock to keep him alive with just a passing glimpse of His back.


And we stand with bold faces, distracted minds, self-made altars and pump ‘show us Your glory’ over loudspeakers, through cameras, and on the world wide web.


No exhortation to confession, no personal examination, no warning of what happens when false motives meet a Holy God.


Almost as if those leading don’t really expect Him to answer.


Not sure which is worse: claiming to lead worship of a Holy God we don’t really believe is listening, or making a request that, according to Scripture, could kill us.


Dangerous request, indeed.



Wonder if anyone has thought about what would happen if the One Who is holy beyond description actually answered ?