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His Name, Not Ours

Perfect harmony, flawless technology.

Emotions touched deeply, satisfied briefly.

Was it successful?

Our measures of ‘a good church service’ need to be kept in check with what He considers fulfilling His mission in our world.

All show, with no fruit –  no real food  –  leads to no life change.

Dangerously close to being all about us, so little about Him.


We’re perfecting our craft.

He wants to break our hearts.

For the lost, hurting, broken, abandoned.

If we refuse to be broken, we cannot identify with the hurting in their pain.


What if we stop judging our services by how well we performed, how effectively the technology worked.

Consider judging it by how much the Name of Jesus was lifted up.

The Cross was clearly communicated as the pathway to redemption.

How equipped the hearers were to impact their world, their day-to-day living.

The neighborhood.

The school.

The grocery store, shopping mall, traffic jam…


Did Jesus change you?

Did you change your environment as a result?


Use the best gifts you have, refine them often.

Take advantage of the best technology you have available to you.

Just, don’t let them be the measuring tool of success.


If the message on Sunday doesn’t change how we act on Monday, we’ve missed it.


An emotional high for a day, with no life change, is like a fig tree full of beautiful leaves that has no fruit, no food for the spiritually hungry.


It’s not about us, it’s about Him.

Lift up His Name, not ours.

What Do You Have?

Common in every Christ-centered mission.

Staggering needs. Crumbs for resources.

Most strategists approach it backwards. “What is the gap? How do we close it?”

Not the Master.

“What do you have? Let go of all of it, to Me.”

In that moment we discover our level of trust, or absence of it.

If we keep it and guard it, He cannot bless it.

If we surrender it, He can work with it.

First, He gives thanks & blesses it.

Next, He breaks it.

Then, He multiplies it to feed  –  to the full  –  thousands of people in need.

The ‘take home boxes’ were abundantly greater than the resources they started with.

God-sized Call,  God-sized needs.

Meager starting provisions.

Protect it, and it remains “all you have.”

Release it, and watch Him work.

To Bless….

And Break….

And Multiply.

He didn’t  –  and still doesn’t  –  ask what we don’t have.

He continues to ask us what we DO have, and challenges us to give it  –  all of it  –  into His hands.

What do you have?

Give it.


To reach them, for Him.

Sent By Him

On mission.

Sent by the One Who understands better than anyone in all eternity how to go to an unfamiliar place, with unreceptive people, to accomplish the miraculous.

The Master’s words in Mark 6 are brief, clear, eternally successful.

Don’t travel alone.

Don’t pack a bag.

Don’t fret over those who refuse to listen.

Don’t stop when someone’s offended, simply move on.

Proclaim the Gospel.

Displace evil.

Heal the sick, broken, wounded wherever you go.

Give Him all the glory.

His Name. His Spirit. His power and authority.

All for His glory.

Your next move?

Find a missions partner, or team.

Trust His provision.

Share the Gospel, and the Name of Jesus, boldly and clearly.

Celebrate those who listen, and respond.  Move on from those who don’t.

Never bow to the enemy. Speak the Greater Name over every situation.

Give all the glory to the One Who sent you.

Repeat until the One Who sent you, calls you to His side.

Go, therefore.

To them, for Him.