He Knows How Temptation Feels


It’s one of the worst lies we’ve been told.

Too many of us believe it.

Too many good people have been hurt by it.


It goes something like this:  God, if He is real, is too big, too holy, to perfect to ever understand someone like me.

He’s way out there somewhere, being pure, being a judge, not having any idea how tough it is to make right choices in a world going all wrong.

And I’m down here, in the middle of this crazy mess, surrounded by people and systems that just keep getting worse. No one seems to care about doing what’s right because its so much easier to just go with the flow of doing wrong.

He’s too perfect, He’ll never understand me.


The truth is so completely different.


Oh, He is certainly good. And Holy. And perfect.

He is also deeply aware of how temptation feels.


How strong it pulls, how hard it is to resist.

How much it takes to say ‘no’ to all the stuff that everyone else is saying ‘yes’ to.

And, to everything that seems like the quickest way to get rid of the hurt you feel.


He was here.

He lived it.

He felt it.


And, most importantly:  HE  CONQUERED IT!


Whatever the temptation, He felt it. Just like you do.







Whatever the negative choices your mind & heart want to make, He honestly knows how it feels.

And He wants to help you resist.

To break the cycle of hurt, regret, fall, hurt, regret, fall…..

He wants to help you win.

He wants to show you how to become all the very strong, safe, good, right, and true things you’ve always dreamed about.


Because He felt the same temptation, He is the only one who knows how to show you the right kind of grace, mercy, and truth to help you when you need Him most.


There is a God, and He knows how temptation feels.


Hebrews 4:15 & 16




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