Monthly Archives: July 2016

If You Could See


If you could see

Behind the scenes

Into the private corners of a life fully committed

To a Holy calling in an unholy world,


If you could listen in the silence of solitude

Beyond the noise of propaganda

Past the clamor of popular opinion

Deeper than the shifting sands of emotion,



You’d hear cries of agony

Offered long after dark.


You’d see tears of grief

Falling in silence.




You would see the weight of the burden, the magnitude of the mission.

Souls, lives, with eternity in the balance.



On your ears would fall offensive taunts, piercing accusations, hollow temptations

From an enemy who, although defeated, refuses to be silent.



You would see the Lover of our soul, the crucified and risen Savior, step in.

Piece by shattered piece, He picks up all of the brokenness….His own hands bleeding from the process.

With love He reclaims, restores, redeems.


You would hear His gentle whispers of love and affirmation. Claiming this life for His own purpose. For His glory. To reach His children.


Deep in the heart you would see a solid, immovable foundation that is beyond anything this world can offer. Immovable. Unshakeable. Determined. Relentless.


Held together by His Word and His Spirit.



If you could really see behind the scenes

You would not see the messenger


You would see the Master, His masterpiece, His message.