Monthly Archives: April 2017

Useless Diagnosis


Imagine a medical team.

Asking questions, running tests.

Using the best information and technology to determine the root cause of an illness.

An answer is given, clarifying the sickness.


Then, the medical team walks away.

No action plan, no remedy, no healing.


While diagnosis of the core issue is critical, diagnosis without action is useless.


Now imagine your own prayers.


Seeking to understand, pleading for answers.

And the Father, through His Word, His Spirit, His people provides a diagnosis.


“Grappling with anger and bitterness? Choose to forgive.”

“Struggling financially? Tithe, and make wise financial choices.”

“Feeling far from God? Choose to spend time in the Word daily, and pray often.”

“Seeking purpose? Share the Gospel. Feed the hungry. Shelter the homeless. Visit the prisoners”

“Identify sin in your actions? Repent. For real, repent and turn from those actions.”

Diagnosis without action is useless.

In fact, it can become more dangerous if we ignore what we’ve been shown.


Seek deep enough to discover the heart of the issue.

Stop long enough to begin the healing process.

Step forward different, forgiven, healed.