Monthly Archives: December 2018

Billboard Theology

Traveling again.

A favorite thing, cleanses the emotional & spiritual palette plus provides connection with family, friends, and animals across the country.

Saw a billboard I’ve read many times before. Shook my head again at its incomplete message.

Wondered about how some do church the same way.

Billboard asks “Does advertising work?”, then claims “Just did!”

As if reading a message really means it ‘worked’.

Traveling hundreds of thousands of road miles over the years means my mind has taken in thousands of messages.

Yet, can only remember one that sparked a response, a visit to the place being advertised. Effectiveness percentage is somewhere in the 0.0001 range.

Truthfully, not very successful.


Yet….how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people can recite John 3:16? Tell the Christmas Story? Recant the message of Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

Now, compare that to how many have a true, life-giving relationship with the Author of the stories. How many lives truly mirror the Rabbi, of Whom they claim to be a disciple?

Dare to dig deeper.

How much of our ‘church experience’ is geared toward remembering catchy phrases, song lyrics, saying “I was there!” for a certain event….

….compared to honestly evaluating our 24/7 lives by the measuring stick of the life of Jesus?

If true religion is to ‘care for the widows and orphans in their need, and keep oneself unspotted from the world’, how much of our religion is true?

If what He requires of us is to ‘act justly, love mercy, walk humbly….’, how many of us are doing what He requires?

If they will know we belong to Jesus because of our love,  if His high priestly prayer was for us to be “one”, as He and His Father (and ours) are one, is the world really seeing something that works?

Or are we feeding them cheap billboard theology, that can ‘parrot’ the principles, yet refuses to live lives that are changed by the Word?

Does advertising work? Sometimes.

Not nearly as much as truly being transformed by the power of Emmanuel, God with us, living lives that truly mirror the One we say is our Lord.

He IS Lord, whether we serve Him or not.

How we live reveals if He truly is Lord of our lives, or if we are parrots spouting billboard theology that simply clutters the landscape of life.