Ignore the Crows


Anyone moving forward in life has them.


All who seek to grow spiritually will see them.


Anyone desiring to become more and more like Jesus, to step into the fullness of God’s call on their life will hear them.


The voices of the crows.


The dissenters, detractors, accusers and condemners.


The more you step forward, the louder they scream. The higher you choose to fly, the more vehement their accusations. The bolder your stand in faith, the more violent their condemnation. The deeper your heart breaks for what matters to the Cross, the more venomous their descriptions of just why you are the last one whom God could use.


Ignore the crows.


As with the eagle, so too with your flight.  Crows operate as a primary detractor to the flight of an eagle. Nipping at its tail feathers, cawing with an unpleasant, unholy litany of verbal complaint, flying around as a distraction.


The eagle’s response? Fly higher and higher, away from the crow, until it reaches the higher, thinner air where crows cannot survive.


Let them nip, complain, distract, discredit, reject. You are called to something higher, by Someone higher..


Eagles never turn to address the crow  –  they simply fly on, focused on a higher goal.


Fly on, my friend.


Mount up on wings as an eagle, run and not grow weary, walk and do not faint.


Ignore the crows, follow your King.




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