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He Wants You To Find Him


Some people think its a game they cannot win.

In fact, it is a basic principle that God intends all of us to discover, and be successful in:  finding Him.


Truth be told, most who accuse God of being hard to find are really not wanting to know Him, know His way, know His heart. The amazing thing about God is He allows them, and us, the freedom to determine just how much of Him we’ll have access to.


God said: “If you look for Me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.”  If we honestly, with all our heart, want to find God, He promises we will be successful.


He knows when we’re just posing, just making statements to appear to want to find God, when in reality we just want to do things our own way.


He also knows when things & people & life have beat us down so much that we can barely make the effort to find anything, especially Him.


Just, get real.



Hurt, angry, frustrated, broken.


Full of mistakes, still bleeding from woulds of others. Sometimes wounded by those claiming to be Christ followers who really aren’t anything more than religious bullies.


Hiding yourself, away from the light of truth. Away from authority, away from anything that messes with your desire to do what you want when you want.


However you got into the dark corner, whatever caused you to hide there, know that there is a caring God who does not want you to be alone.


Wherever you find yourself, God wants to find you.


There is a God, and He wants you to find Him.


Jeremiah 29:13


He’s Looking For You


He knows all the reasons you’ve been running from Him.


He sees all the things & people that have hurt, betrayed, messed with you, that make you think He isn’t real   –  and if He is, that He doesn’t care.


He gets it.


He’s not going to sell short your hurt, or downplay the pain & doubt.

He’s simply going to keep looking for you.

However long it takes, wherever you choose to run and hide.

To the ends of the earth, to the end of your rope.


He’s going to keep looking for you.

His desire is to show you how much He values you.

To show you His strength and ability to help you.

To save you.

To heal your heart.


If even a tiny corner of your heart is looking for Him, He’s going to find you.

The more faithful you are to Him, the stronger He will be for you.


Imagine the most powerful set of binoculars. Magnify that about a bazillion times.  That’s how powerful God’s vision is, when He searches for you. He’s looking back and forth, all across the world, seeking hearts that want to be found by Him.


He is looking, even right now.

You can come out from hiding.

Let Him find you, heal you, restore you.


There is a God, and He’s looking for you.



2 Chronicles 16:9a



He Is Praying For You


Seriously, right now Jesus is saying a prayer for you.


Praying healing, for your hurt.


Praying peace, for the chaos that invades your mind & heart.


Praying for all the things and people that mean the most to you.


Praying very specifically, for you.



In His letter to you, it says that He lives forever to intercede with God on your behalf.



Try to get a picture of that.


Every moment of every day, no matter what you’re doing, no matter where you are.


He is praying for you.


Jesus is kneeling right now, asking God to take care of you.


To help you make the right decisions.


To heal the hurt you feel in your heart.


To show Himself to you, so you know He is real.



Ever want someone to personally ask God to watch over you?


Whether you realize it or not, the most powerful prayer person in all the universe is doing that for you.


Right now.


And He’ll never stop.



There is a God, and He is praying for you.


Hebrews 7:25

He Cares About You



Right where you are, right now.


In the silence, in the dark.


In the middle of your mess, hear His message of hope. He has not forgotten you.


His care, His love, His grace for you is without limit. His forgiveness won’t run out, you won’t have made ‘one too many’ mistakes for Him.


Others, maybe.  Friends might walk away. Family might abandon.


But not Him. His promise to you is “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.”


He promises “I will never leave you, I will never abandon you.”


Best part about those promises is they don’t have anything to do with how good you are, how clean, how much you have earned it.


They have everything to do with how much He loves you, cares about you, promises to be near you no matter what you do or where you go. Or who else walks away.


He hears you.


He gets it.


He knows.


The anger. The heartache. The heart break.


The times you cried, the day you prayed.


The times you vowed never to pray again…


He’s still listening. He’s still promising.


He still cares.


If you will allow just one corner of your blackened, broken heart to listen.


Just one glance His way, just one breath of hope to consider it might be true.


He might be true.


Because there is a God, and He cares deeply about you.


Psalm 27:10, Hebrews 13:5

The Most Important Trip

Vacations, business trips, adventures.

Process of getting there, from here, are common:

Determine the destination.

Set the GPS.

Follow the turn-by-turn instructions.

Arrive safely at your destination.

There is one final trip we will all make.

We will start from wherever we are now, temporarily, into where we will reside forever.

This isn’t an optional trip, not one we can ‘opt out’ of.

We will all, eventually, embark on it.

With no exception, we will all make this final step in our journey.

Some of us will have no advance notice, no time to get ready.

Yet, we will go.

Are you ready for the final stage of your journey?

Determine the destination.

Set the gps.

Follow the turn-by-turn instructions.

Arrive safely Home

My job isn’t to convince, it’s simply to inform.

It’s up to you to accept, or reject, the information given.

My encouragement is to consider that you have the choice where ‘home’ will be after that final step.  While you cannot choose ‘if’ you will go, you can choose ‘where’.

I believe the message of the gospel, the message of the Cross, is true.

I believe God creates, redeems, restores, and receives all who have chosen to accept that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

I believe there is one Name under heaven given to us by which we can be saved.

I believe we have a choice to make, and that choice determines our eternal address.

I believe God loves us enough to respect our eternal choice.

While we had no choice where, and when, we would be born into this life, we have complete freedom to choose where we will exist for the next, more important life.

Determine the destination –  Heaven for eternity.

Set the GPS of your life to follow Jesus’ claim that He is the way, the truth, the life.

Choose to accept that He is, indeed, Lord of all  –  including you.

Follow the turn-by-turn instructions in His Word.

Arrive safely Home.

When Holiness Invades

Persistent heartache.

Perpetual “un-answer” to prayer.

Daily shame, constant reminder of falling short.

Heaven seems silent, distant, unreachable.

Yet you persevere, somehow.

For some reason planted deep within your soul, you continue with the routine.

Serve. Give. Pray.

Pray some more.

Give some more.

Cry a lot.

Then, in the middle of the mundane, the routine, Heaven shows up.

As Gabriel to Zechariah, the Father sends a message to you.

Gabriel’s first words: Don’t be afraid.

Then: Your prayer has been heard.

When holiness shows up, a holy fear is expected.

While our routines may seem mundane, ordinary, His message never is.

Don’t fear. Just, don’t be casual when the answer arrives.

The answer.

To your prayers.

Prayers offered faithfully, consistently.

Sometimes painfully, with tear-filled eyes and weeping words.

Yet, still offered.

While the Father is well able to intervene in situations we have not yet prayed about, His most consistent work is in direct answer to what we have persistently prayed.

His blessings most freely flow to those who consistently spend time praying, listening, learning.

Don’t give up that prayer.

Don’t neglect that consistent routine of kneeling, serving in His presence.

You just might be a prayer away from seeing Holiness to invade your space.

And when Holiness invades, everything changes.

Barking At Shadows

Early morning walk, darkness still ruling the neighborhood.

Podcast playing in my ear, doggie by my side.

Best time of the day.

Then, the busy street. Cars headed for work on the early shift.

Lights are bright, avoidable by looking away.

Turn up the volume of the sermon, hold the leash tightly.

And then, the shadows.

Dancing across the walking path, moving eerily across buildings.

Flashing around us in unpredictable patterns as the light of the cars from both directions battles to created confusion on the concrete.

And the doggie barks.

Skittish, jumping, not aware that her movements  –  while focusing on the shadows  –  might actually cause her to run into something dangerous.

Be at peace, little friend, the shadows cannot hurt you.

They can confuse, distract, distort.

But they cannot touch you nor slow down your progress.

Funny thing about shadows: they are fully dependent on Light for their very existence.

If we stop watching them, stop barking at them, we can focus on the source of the light to determine our best direction.

If we get distracted by the shadows, we might inadvertently rush off into something that truly could hurt us.

The doggie and I focus on the light. It will lead us home.

It will leave the shadows dancing, flailing, falling into the darkness.

We will walk forward untouched, undeterred, unhindered by their presence.

Stop barking at shadows today.

Simply trust, and walk in the Light of His Word.

It, and He, will lead you Home.