Monthly Archives: February 2015

Trust The One Who Knows

Once again our community finds itself in a dark, unkind, painful place.

Questions are many, answers few – and hollow.

Psychology is offering its answers, logic is conceding it has none.

And our faith is being rattled.



If God is good, why do our hearts feel so….bad?

In our uncertainty, we grasp for any semblance of reason, or order.

A rumor, an accusation, a wild excuse pretending to be wisdom.

The darkness deepens.

Times like this, we need to be okay with not being okay.

Create a friendship or family or community where it’s safe to be broken.

A place and time where we can weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn.

Cry softly, or cry ugly, just…cry together.

Sit in silence and simply, be there.

Acknowledge to one another that this whole thing is not okay in our heads.

Yet, through our tears remind each other that it can still be well with our soul.

Not because we have an answer.

Because we find just enough breath, just enough strength to take our weary, broken, hurting selves and place them into the Hands of our Father.

He, indeed, is the only One Who knows.

He is the only one big enough, wise enough, grace-filled enough to hear our screams, cries, rants, curses, and questions.

Consistently He replies to each one:

“I am here”

“I’ve got this”

“I’ve got you”

Rest in that.

Rest in Him.

He truly is the only One Who knows.